• Michael Campbell

    Far Left For about 35 years I have dreamed of owning a racehorse and a pool table! I have now achieved both and at least the pool table was a one off cost and has remained consistently good! I have always enjoyed a bet (another costly pastime!) but I also appreciate the horses for the athletes that they are. Having sold my stake in the business that we once both worked for, I have often driven the purchase of the horses and I know that Bruce has sleepless nights when the sales are approaching!
  • Bruce Robbins

    Fourth Right (Hat) I have known Bruce for about 10 years and, as the senior member of our team, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience about racehorses having been an Amateur jockey in the distant past! He would be putting up a few pounds overweight if he were to take to the saddle again but with his hat and tweeds he is very much the country gentleman and attends 95% of our races. He is almost as bad as me if we go to the sales so it is a dangerous combination! Bruce does a lot of the liaising with the trainers and also looks after the administration side of our partnership.